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How does AMZBuddy work with Amazon & my FBA Business?


Step 1:
Install the AMZBuddy Google Chrome extension on your Browser!


Step 2:
Head to Amazon &​Undertake an Amazon Product Search


Step 3:
Select up to 6 products you'd like to Analyse & Compare



Step 4:
Choose from a range of Powerful Prompts & ACTIVATE!

ChatGPT is great but it can't read 'real-life' Amazon Product Data.... until now that is with AMZBuddy.

AMZBuddy takes the 'human-like' intelligence of ChatGPT combined with Powerful Amazon Product Data Software (Keepa) to give you 'real-life' responses to help grow your Amazon Business!

AMZBuddy includes incredible prompts such as "Produce an Optimised Amazon Listing" or "Analyse these products based on their product reviews" or "Plan out my PPC budget based on Competitors listings"

Sign up for an "AMZBuddy Plan" from just £19+VAT a Month.

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Developed in conjunction with The Ultimate AMZ Selling System!

The Ultimate AMZ Selling System is the Leading Amazon Selling System developed to support existing Businesses and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Build a Successful Amazon Business.  AMZBuddy (AI-Powered Chrome Extension) has been tailored and developed around the System!

The handy Google Chrome Extension for all Amazon Sellers, including...

Existing Amazon Sellers

We all would love an Amazon Business that operates in the background, right? AMZBuddy is an excellent time saver and a handy extension whenever you need it to help grow your Amazon Business!

E-Commerce & Amazon Teams

Imagine having a tool on-hand to do all of those Amazon jobs that at the moment take up a lot of time & resources!

Aspiring Entrepreneurs ready to get started on Amazon! 

With the power of ChatGPT & AI, there's never been a better time to start your Amazon Business and stay ahead of the competiton!

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Just some of AMZBuddy's Powerful Prompts...

"Tell me when to re-stock my product throughout the year when compared to a competitors product which has a similar sales pattern"

"Validate a product idea to compete against the competitors (Keepa Analysis)"

"Identify potential gaps in the market based on demand and customer reviews (Keepa Analysis)"

"Find Search Terms for my Advertising Campaign"

"Determine the optimal price range based on sales data  (Keepa Analysis)"

"Design my A+ Content based on Competitor's Descriptions and Reviews"

Where do you get the data from?

We have combined ChatGPT with Keepa!  'Keepa' tracks the history of any product sold on Amazon (buy box, sales history, product reviews etc.) and AMZBuddy reads this data with our carefully crafted ChatGPT 'prompts' to give you real-life responses to help grow your Amazon Business!

Why not just use ChatGPT? Well, ChatGPT is great and it has access to loads of data but it doesn't have access to real-time Amazon Product Data... AMZBuddy does!

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What are people saying about the AMZBuddy Chrome Extension...

Meet AMZBuddy Founder, Alex Shelton.

The Amazon Trainer


Alex Shelton, UK Amazon Consultant & Founder

Alex is a leading UK-based Amazon Trainer & Consultant. He set up his own e-commerce Business several years ago & founded the 'AMZ Business Academy' to teach his skills to aspiring Entrepreneurs & existing Businesses, helping companies achieve up to £350k a month and more in sales! 

Alongside his day to day Consultancy/Advice, he also hosts Amazon Training Programmes for leading organisations across the UK including Government Start-up Organisations and Chambers of Commerce.

With the introduction of ChatGPT into our lives, Alex founded AMZBuddy to combine the human-like intelligence of ChatGPT with Keepa Software, allowing ChatGPT to produce tailored responses that help you to grow your Amazon Business based on real-life product data. 

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AMZBuddy Chrome Extension supports the following Amazon Marketplaces: UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico & India.

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Any questions? 
Check out the AMZBuddy FAQs below...
How much does AMZBuddy cost?
Pay Monthly Plans
Basic Plan: £19+VAT a month (up to 50 Prompts a month)
Professional Plan: £29+VAT a month (up to 150 Prompts a month)
Premium Plan: £79+VAT a month (up to 500 Prompts a month)

Payments are taken automatically every 30 days until cancelled.  We require a 7 working day cancellation notice.

Pay Yearly Plans (SAVE Over 15%)
Basic Plan: £195+VAT a Year (up to 50 Prompts a month)
Professional Plan: £295+VAT a Year (up to 150 Prompts a month)
Premium Plan: £795+VAT a Year (up to 500 Prompts a month)

Payments are taken automatically every 365 days until cancelled. We require a 7 working day cancellation notice.
Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes, absolutely! We offer 5 Free Prompts so that you can see the power behind AMZBuddy! Simply Download the extension from the Google Chrome Store here!

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a 'language model-based chatbot' that can read and interpret data to give 'human-like' responses. 

Which Marketplaces does AMZBuddy work in?

AMZBuddy Chrome Extension works in the following Amazon Marketplaces: UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico & India.

What is Keepa?

Keepa can see an Amazon product's core data such as price, category, rank, and rating.

What's the catch?

No catch at all. With the launch of ChatGPT, we have created a powerful AI Tool that can read Amazon Product Data and help you to accelerate your Amazon Business!

Is there a contract?

Pay Monthly

No, no contract! You can cancel the service at any time but we do require 7 working days cancellation notice before your monthly renewal date.

Pay Yearly (15% Discount)

Technically no but this is a one-off annual charge which gives a 15% discount on the service and access to use the service for 12 months! Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the 12 months, however, if you wish to cancel, we require 7 working days cancellation notice before your annual renewal date. 

Why you guys?

Alex Shelton (Founder of AMZBuddy) has been supporting new start-ups, SMEs and Global Brands across the UK, Europe and USA to generate serious sales on Amazon.  The AMZBuddy Chrome Extension offers the human-like intelligence of ChatGPT along with Keepa Data to provide a powerful tool to help you build your Amazon Business for an affordable monthly price!

Why do you charge in dollars?

Please note that payments are taken via 'Gumroad' - prices are shown in GBP but charges will happen in USD, using an up-to-date exchange rate. You may incur an additional foreign transaction fee according to your cardmember agreement. Gumroad Privacy Policy.

What guarantees do you offer?

We don't offer any formal guarantees but we have created a range of carefully crafted prompts to help you build your Amazon Business.  There is no contract with the 'pay monthly' service so you can cancel at anytime (7 working days cancellation notice) if you feel AMZBuddy is not for you.  For peace of mind we also offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

How do I cancel the subscription?

Pay Monthly

If you do choose to cancel, we require 7 working days notice before the date of your next monthly payment. Simply email       

Please note that the monthly charge applies regardless of whether you use the service or not during the monthly period. There are no refunds for any prompts not used.

Pay Yearly (15% Discount)

If you do choose to cancel, we require 7 working days notice before the date of your next yearly payment. Simply email       

Please note that the monthly charge applies regardless of whether you use the service or not during the monthly period. There are no refunds for any prompts not used.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Eligibility: Customers who purchase the AMZBuddy (Chrome extension) Professional Plan are eligible for a 14-day money back guarantee.

Duration: The guarantee period starts from the date of purchase and lasts for 14 days.

Conditions: To be eligible for a refund, customers must uninstall the AMZBuddy extension from their Chrome browser and cease using all its features.

Requesting a Refund: Refund requests must be submitted within the 14-day period. Customers should contact with their purchase details to initiate the refund process.

Processing Time: Refunds will be processed within 7 business days after the refund request is approved.

Refund Method: Refunds will be credited back to the original payment method used for the purchase.

Limitations: This money back guarantee is only applicable to the initial purchase of the AMZBuddy (Chrome Extension) Professional Plan and does not cover any subsequent renewals or additional purchases.

Additional Terms: AMZBuddy reserves the right to refuse a refund if the customer has violated the terms of service or if the request is deemed fraudulent.

By using AMZBuddy, customers agree to the terms of this money back guarantee policy.

Our Termination Rights
We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue Our Services to You and terminate this Agreement with immediate effect, as We see fit and in circumstances including, but not limited to;

Where We have good reason to believe that You are in breach or have breached any of the terms of this Agreement and have not remedied such breach within 7 days of notice specifying the breach and requiring that it be remedied, or

You become insolvent, cease to, or threaten to cease to trade or go into liquidation, or we reasonably apprehend that You may be about to.

The Advice Centre Ltd/AMZBuddy also reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time with immediate effect if We feel that the AMZBuddy Tool is being abused or being used excessively beyond Our reasonable expectations.

The AMZBuddy Tool cannot be used by or on behalf of other related or unrelated businesses or individuals other than the company’s main Contact which signs up for the service. This form of abuse will result in immediate cancellation of the agreement.
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